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French is an official working language in dozens of international organizations, including the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee, and the International Red Cross.French is the lingua franca of culture, including art, cuisine, dance, and fashion. France has won more Nobel Prizes for literature than any other country in the world and is one of the top producers of international films.


Spanish is one of the most popular languages for people to try and learn, with somewhere in the region of 20 million students currently studying it in some capacity. The language sounds beautiful, is widely used and has a number of other benefits, which combine to make it one of the stand out options available. However, for those who need a little more convincing, here are 10 reasons to start learning Spanish today.


Germany is the world’s second-largest exporter.The German economy ranks number one in Europe and number four worldwide. Its economy is comparable to that of all the world’s Spanish-speaking countries combined.Germany is home to numerous international corporations.Direct investment by Germany in the United States is over ten billion dollars.